Version 2.13.03

19.03.2023 18:39:01
  • Handle notifications
    You can now decide for yourself whether or not you want to receive notifications as e-mails for confirmations, cancellations and/or rebookings.
  • Work with tags
    You can now add tags to your events for better control, filtering in search etc etc. These tags will also be sent in the webhooks. So you can create tag based workflows for example
  • Force external calendar refresh
    We have added an option that allows you to reset the linked calendars (e.g. Google or Outlook) if you experience availability issues, for example. This can happen, among other things, when an external calendar is deleted or an authorization is revoked externally. It can happen (but this happens very rarely) that the system still tries to retrieve data from such calendars that no longer exist, which can lead to errors in the availability. We have added this option so that you can prevent this yourself.
  • Minor bug fixes
    Correction of some minor bugs and translations