Release 2.12.01

18.01.2023 20:11:13
  • Reschedule link (Beta)
    From now on, new tags can be added to the templates. {reschedule_link} and {reschedule_pin}. {reschedule_link} is to create the link and {reschedule_pin} shows the necessary PIN to confirm the reschedule. When using the {reschedule_link} tag it is necessary to use the {reschedule_pin} tag as well. For security reasons reschedules must be confirmed with the PIN.
    Note: Rescheduling for groups does not work yet but this will come very soon
  • Info and Confirm form fields
    There are 2 new form fields available. One field to display pure information and another is a confirmation field which can be designed with external links (e.g. that the customer must confirm the terms and conditions).
  • Microsoft Teams Pass code
    You can now choose to create automatically created teams meetings with a passcode or not
  • Sunday or Monday
    You can now choose with which day all calendars in the dashboard start (Sunday or Monday)
  • Minor bug fixes
    Some minor bug fixes