Version 2.13.02

07.03.2023 16:08:28
  • Modify reminders
    Ab jetzt kann man die Erinnerungen für jeden gebuchten Event, individuell anpassen. Man kann Erinnerungen hinzufügen bzw. entfernen.
  • Prelaunch marketplace
    We have started to launch our marketplace. From now on you can pre-register your marketplace presence. Under the menu item "booking pages" there is now a new option called "marketplace", there you can make all the settings for the marketplace. As soon as enough pre-entries are available, we will start our marketplace officially.

    Why we wait until there are enough pre-entries?
    Because we already want to have a certain content at the start to not present an empty marketplace and already want to offer an added value.
  • Minor bug fixes
    Correction of some minor bugs and translations