Version 2.50.01

02.07.2023 15:08:25
  • TuCalendi Flows
    We have created our flows because we want to offer our customers a more flexible and smart way to link forms, settings and templates to their events and to give us the possibility to add new features and settings more easily in the future. In short, TuCalendi is starting to move away from static settings and moving to Flows, which offer more features and flexibility. Please read here about all new settings with our flows
  • Follow-Ups
    With the new Flow option you can create now Follow-Ups to e.g. say "Thank you" or to stay in touch with your customers
  • Extern ID field for form elements
    You can now set an extern ID for custom form fields and use them e.g to send the field information to third parties like KlickTipp
  • Android App
    We did a update for our Android App. Get it here: TuCalendi Android App
  • Other small updates
    We did small other updates to some sections of TuCalendi
  • Minor bug fixes
    Correction of some minor bugs