Allow only one reservation per e-mail

Sometimes and taking into account the service you provide, in this type of event it is necessary to allow only one reservation with the same customer's email address. This does not mean that the client cannot rebook an appointment with you with the same email address, only the possibility of rebooking with the same email will be blocked while the booking is active.

An active booking is a booking that has not yet taken place and is still on the calendar pending because the date and time of the meeting has not arrived.

When the appointment or meeting has taken place the customer can rebook the event with the same email.

Let's see how to allow only one email booking for an event in your calendar.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Calendars" option:

Calendar with events

Locate the event you want to activate the option that can only receive a reservation with the same customer email as long as a reservation is active.

In the horizontal menu, all the event configuration options appear.

Click on "Advanced":

Allow only one reservation per e-mail

In the "Booking/scheduling" field you must activate the option "Only one booking per email".

If this option is activated, the event can only be booked once with the same customer email. If the customer tries to rebook the same event with the same email that still has an active booking with that event, it cannot be booked until the active booking has been made. An active booking is the appointment that is on the calendar and has not yet taken place.

When you have activated the option you must click on the "Save" button so that only one booking can be made with the same email.