How to create a coupon?

To create a promotional coupon with cash or session discounts for your services is very easy with TuCalendi's coupon option.

With TuCalendi you have the possibility to create coupons that you can associate to events so that they can be used from your online calendar.

Validate yourself with your TuCalendi username and password. Go to the "Coupons" option.

Coupons menu

This is the screen you will see if you have not created a coupon yet.

To create a new coupon click on "New" and you can start creating it:

Create a new coupon

By default the coupon code is generated automatically, but you can create the code manually by simply clicking on "Create manually".

You can configure each coupon in two different ways. Click on the "Code Type" field and choose the type of code you want:

  • Sessions: Offering a number of sessions per coupon.

Create cuopon of sessions

  • Discounts: Offering a fixed amount or percentage discount on each coupon.

Create a discount coupon

Depending on the type of coupon selected you must enter the necessary information regarding the use of each type of coupon, set the validity period of the coupon by setting the start date and the end date and finally you must select for which event or calendars the coupon is valid.

When you have configured the coupon you simply click on "Save" so that the coupon can start to be used.

And from this moment it appears in the list of coupons with information related to it.

Coupons list