Cancel a meeting

Sometimes and for different reasons, it is necessary to cancel a meeting or any event that has been scheduled by your clients. The action of canceling a meeting can be easily done from the TuCalendi control panel.  

It is also possible to cancel a meeting from the TuCalendi App.

 Once you have logged in with your TuCalendi username and password, click on the "Scheduled Events" option.

Scheduled events calendar view

Locate the event you need to cancel, click on the event and you will enter the event detail:

Cancel a booking manually

Click on the "Cancel Event" button. A confirmation message will appear and you can choose to send the customer a notification of the cancellation or not.

Cancel an event

If you check the "Notify customer" box you will be able to select the cancellation template that will be sent to the customer:

Choose cancellation template

You can also write an additional message in the cancellation email that your customer will receive if you have included the {cancel_message} tag in the cancellation template you have previously created.

Click on "Cancel reservation", this action will cancel the scheduled event and it will appear as a cancelled event in the calendar.

NOTE: This action cannot be undone.