What are intelligent surveys with routing?

Smart surveys with routing is the new way to create TuCalendi surveys. A faster, more dynamic and efficient way to manage surveys

Smart surveys with routing use a separate widget that you can also customize from the survey widget appearance.

Until now we only had the standard way to create a survey. It was based on creating the survey with the different options and then associating it to the event you wanted the survey to have. It was a simple way to collect information from your users and customers before displaying the calendar with the dates and times available for booking.

The standard way of creating surveys is still fully operational and you can continue to use it.

Now we have gone further, by creating smart surveys with routing, directly, depending on the answers your customers give to the questions you ask, they will be directed to the different events you have created so that they can book the appointment with you or your team.

Smart surveys with routing are used as a standalone widget and routed to different types of meetings you have created in your calendar.

Survey types

In this new way of creating TuCalendi surveys there are still all the possibilities available in the standard way:

  • Text: Field where you can write free text.
  • Options button. Users can choose an option among the existing ones.
  • Set of options: To choose several options.
  • Informative field: Where to give some explanation about the survey or the answers.
  • Coupon field: Adding to the survey a promotional coupon to be applied when booking.

In addition to additional functions such as:

  • Modify time to booking: According to the information you can add and remove time to the meeting.
  • Modify amount: According to the answers it is possible to add or subtract an amount of money to the amount charged at the time of confirming the reservation.
  • Assign user: According to the answers, the user who will attend the appointment is associated.
As routable surveys use a separate widget it is necessary to create a domain on meetfy.online to make them operational. Meetfy.online is our domain to manage the booking pages and routable surveys.