How to create your first event?

Once you have created a calendar you can start adding all the events you need.

Log in with your TuCalendi username and password, go to the "Calendars" option. When you click on the calendar you will see the events it contains.

In this case, as we have not yet created any event for our calendar, it will appear as follows:

First calendar without events

Click on the "New event" button to start creating your first event.

  • The first step to create an event is to define the event mode, standard or a fixed days and dates event. By default, "Event mode" is configured as standard, by clicking on "Change" you will be able to select the event mode of fixed days and dates.


    Establish some basic data such as the "Event name", the "Event description", the "Event link" that the event will have and a color that identifies it.

    You must select the type of event. In the "Event type" field by clicking on the drop-down menu you can choose between "Individual meeting" and "Group meeting".

    In the "Location" field you can indicate the location of the event.

Creating first event

Click on "Save and Next" to continue creating the event.

  • Second step is to configure the availability settings. There is a section within the TuCalendi help where we explain exactly each of the options of the availability settings:

Availability settings first event

Click on "Save and finish" and with these two steps you will have already created any event. 

Calendar with my first event

After you have created an event by indicating the different data, you can edit the event and modify it at any time.

When creating an event, by default it is created with a standard form, the form is the information requested to the client to make a booking. In the standard form the following information is requested:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • e-mail.
The form data can be customized and request the data you need by creating form flows.