TuCalendi account owner

A TuCalendi account owner is the person who registers with TuCalendi and activates the account in order to manage their online calendars with the events they schedule and configure. Depending on the subscription plan the account will have different functionalities.

One of the main differences between the free plan and the paid plans is that the owner of a paid account can create a working group and invite other people to join his team in TuCalendi. These people are called guest users.

Guest users, who are outside of those included in the plan subscribed by an owner, have a monthly cost. This monthly cost must be paid by the account owner at the time of sending the invitation.

It should be noted that a person can be the owner of his TuCalendi account and at the same time be invited to be part of one or more independent work teams. Switching from one account to another is very simple and is explained in another help article.