Which channels can I use to receive online bookings?

With TuCalendi you can offer online booking for meetings, appointments or any kind of events from different channels:

  • Your own website.
  • Your personal page on tucalendi.com.
  • From your Facebook page.
  • From your Google My Business page.

We recommend that you take advantage of as many booking channels as possible to fully exploit the power of TuCalendi and maximize the number of online bookings you receive.

Booking from your website

If you have your own website, including the TuCalendi booking system is very fast. You don't need any programming knowledge, we have made it very simple. You only have to copy a code and paste it on the web page you want to display it.

Your personal booking page on tucalendi.com

If you still don't have your own website, don't know where to start, nor the time to manage it, don't worry. We have created the solution for you, your own personal booking page on tucalendi.com The power of TuCalendi, personalized, totally secure and without complications.

Booking via Facebook

Allow your customers to book directly from your Facebook page. Simply add a Facebook button and associate it with the TuCalendi solution.

Your Google My Business listing

When your customers search for you on Google they can book meetings, appointments or events with you from your Google My Business listing and from Google Maps. With this solution you will stand out in Google search results and differentiate yourself from your competition.