Customize each event with an image

Adding an image for each event to be personalized will give more confidence to your customers. It can be a picture of you or the person who will attend the appointment, a picture of your offices or an image that you have prepared specifically for the event you are organizing. In any case, your clients will always be able to identify the event with your brand.

Log in to TuCalendi and select the "Calendars" option:

Calendar with two events

Locate the event you want to customize with an image and click on the three vertical dots. A menu with several options will appear:

Event menu

Click on the "Image" option so that you can select the image you want to be visible at the event and upload it.

An alternative and equally easy way to add an image to events is as follows.

When you have located the event you want to add an image to, click on the event name.

In the horizontal menu with the different options click on "Event image".

Event image

Just select the image and upload it.