TuCalendi and ClickUp Integration

Get ready for the future of work with the integration of ClickUp and TuCalendi. The productivity platform that will replace all other solutions available on the market.

We have elaborated a very simple process to integrate ClickUp into TuCalendi

NOTE: To integrate with ClickUp you need to have a ClickUp account with your workspace.

 Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Choose the "Integrations" option:


Integrate with ClickUp

Select the option connect to "ClickUp".

ClickUp integration

To integrate with the ClickUp platform you must click on "Connect" and you will be taken to the ClickUp verification page, where you must confirm your details to enable the integration between TuCalendi and ClickUp. By enabling the integration every time a customer schedules a meeting with you or confirms attendance at any event you have organized, the task will be created in the ClickUp workspace.

Disconnect ClickUp

At any time you can revoke the integration you have made between TuCalendi and ClickUp.

Revoke ClickUp

To remove the integration, simply click on "Revoke"

IMPORTANT: Once the integration between TuCalendi and ClickUp is done, you must connect the events you want to integrate.