Can I delete my account?

Of course there yes. At TuCalendi there are no long-term contracts, no permanence, no small print, no hidden clauses of any kind. We are totally transparent and our terms and conditions are crystal clear.

Although we would love TuCalendi to be your definitive solution to manage your calendars, confirm your meetings, appointments, reservations or events. Whether you have a free account or a paid account, you can delete your account at any time.

To delete your account, simply log in to TuCalendi with your username and password, in the account settings menu at the top right of the TuCalendi control panel.

Dashboard access to settings
Locate the "Delete Account" option found under "Account Settings".

When you click on "Delete account" you will get a confirmation window to verify that you really want to delete your account. Please note that once you have deleted it, you will not be able to retrieve the information you have saved, access your TuCalendi domain, use the widget and if you have guest users they will not be able to access it either.