Why aren't the notifications I created being sent?

Occasionally, some users contact our support team because when they make some test bookings, to check the configuration and that everything is working correctly, they realize that they do not receive the confirmation email they have created. We are often asked why the notifications I have created are not being sent?

If you have created your own email templates:

to send your customers the right message at the right time, you need to create workflows  with the corresponding automations for sending your personalized emails and assign the events to the workflows.

If you do NOT create a workflow you will send the standard confirmation email of the system which is in English.

A workflow is an automation process that will cause the desired actions to be performed when a specific event occurs.

With workflows you don't have to worry about anything because TuCalendi will take care of the work automatically.

The simplest workflow is to send the confirmation email template you have created when your customer makes a booking with you.

Creating a workflow is very simple.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. In the side menu click on "Flows":

Flows menu

In the "Workflows (after booking)" option click on "Select":

After booking workflows

The list of workflows appears empty because no workflow has been created yet.

Click on "New" to create a workflow.

Workflow aliasStart by giving a name to the workflow you are going to create. When you have it, click on "Add".

Workflow alias created

Then click on "Edit" to add the various automations to the workflow created.

The workflow does not yet have any automation.

Workflow without triggers

In any automation there are two key concepts:

  • Trigger or trigger: This is the event that starts an automation.
  • Action: It is the task that is performed in the automation.

The scheme of an automation is as follows:

When something happens (trigger or activator) do the following task (action).


The first step of the automation is to start it when something specific happens.

To start it click on "Add trigger":

Add trigger

Select the trigger by clicking on the drop-down menu:

Available triggers

The available triggers are:

  • A booking has successfully made.
  • A booking has been rescheduled.
  • When changing a booking.
  • The booking has been canceled.
  • Before the meeting starts.
  • When the meeting has ended.

In this case we select the trigger "A booking has successfully made":

Workflow with trigger


The next step in the automation is to define the action that will be performed when a booking has been made successfully.

Click on "Add new action":

Add action

Select the action by clicking on the drop-down menu:

Available actions

For the trigger "A booking has been made successfully" the available actions are:

  • Send confirmation email.
  • Send confirmation SMS.
  • Send webhook.

In this case the action we select is "Send confirmation email":

Send confirmation email action

Choose the confirmation template you want to be sent, the email account from which the confirmation email will be sent, you can activate the "Attach .ics file" option and click "Add".

Workflow with a trigger

Under the same trigger you can add the different actions available. Just repeat the process by clicking on "Add new action".

When done, click on "Save" and the workflow will be saved.

Assign events

The next step to finish with the workflow is to assign the events where you want this workflow to be triggered.

Go back to the main workflow menu and click on "Assign events":

Assign events to a workflow

You will be able to choose the events you want to assign to the workflow:

Choose events to a workflow

You can select the events individually by clicking on "Choose" of the event you want, or by clicking on "Select All" all available events will be chosen.

IMPORTANT: The same event cannot be assigned to two different workflows.

When you have selected the events that you want to be assigned to the workflow, click on "Save":

Workflow with events assigned

From this moment on the workflow will be operational. In this case, when a person goes to book any meeting of the events assigned to the workflow, the confirmation template you have created will be sent.

At any time you can modify the created workflow by adding or removing triggers or actions. Of course, it is also possible to add or remove assigned events.