What are workflows?

What are TuCalendi workflows? Workflows are a new way of configuring and working with TuCalendi events. With more flexibility, more speed and being more efficient in the process of booking appointments or meetings. You can create and manage workflows in one place and apply them to the different events you have created.

Flows menu

TuCalendi workflows allow you to create seamless processes for both you and the people who book meetings with you or your team. You can associate them to a specific type of event or scale them and apply them to groups of events.

Workflows are automations that are activated throughout the lifecycle of a meeting, starting from the moment it is scheduled to the moment it ends and continuing with a subsequent follow-up of the meeting. Sending attendees the right communication at the right time.

Never leaving anything to chance, because after a meeting you must also connect with people to send a simple "Thank you for attending," share a link to an upcoming meeting or a link to a satisfaction survey.

Add the various automations available to achieve the perfect communication with each person. Creating smarter processes to get better results in your work and personalized, to give the people who book with you the best possible experience.

With a clear view of each automation. You can visually and intuitively see the workflows you have created, the events to which each workflow is linked and make the appropriate modifications when necessary.

In addition, workflow functionality is available to all TuCalendi users. Both users who use the Basic Plan and users who use the Pro Plan.

Since working with the workflows is a significant improvement and simplification we will make all new setting options available via our flows in the future.