How can I change the credit card associated with my subscription payment?

For various reasons, some customers ask us the following question when they go to renew their subscription: How can I change the credit card associated with the payment of my subscription? Well, when they go into their account settings, they cannot find the option to update the credit or debit card used to pay the monthly or annual Pro Plan subscription.

For security reasons we do not store any data of the cards associated with the subscriptions, all the management of automated creation of subscriptions, renewals and cancellations are done automatically from Stripe.

To update the card associated with the subscription payment must be done from the billing portal.

The process is simple and is shown below.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and go to the "Settings" option:

Access to account settings

Click on the "Plan Settings" tab:

Billing data

In your subscription information click on "Billing data".

A pop-up window will appear informing you that you will go through the billing portal:

Access billing data

Just click on "Open" to enter the billing portal with all your subscription information:

Billing Portal


For the creation, management and automation of monthly or annual subscriptions to the TuCalendi Pro Plan we use Stripe. From the secure access to the billing portal you will be able to manage your data.

In the "PAYMENT METHOD" section, the card associated with the payment of the TuCalendi Pro Plan subscription is displayed and you can add a new payment method.

Click on "Add payment method":

Add payment method

To enter the details of the new card with which you wish to pay for the Pro Plan subscription:

Introduce new card data

When you have entered them click on "Save". From this moment on the subscription renewals will be charged to the new card you have entered and marked as default.

This is a 100% secure process, but if you have any questions, you can email us at and our support team will be happy to help you.