Editing an existing workflow

After you have created a workflow you can edit it at any time to add or remove triggers and actions. In the same way, by editing it you could modify the actions of a particular trigger.

In this tutorial we are going to see how by editing an existing workflow we can add a new trigger to the workflow.

Starting from the workflow with three automations:

  • Send confirmation email.
  • Send reminder emails.
  • Send cancellation email.

We will add a fourth automation which will be:

  • Send rescheduling email.

Validate yourself with your TuCalendi username and password. Go to the "Flows" menu:

Flows menu

Under the option "Workflows (after booking)" click on "Select" and the workflows you have created will be displayed:

Workflow with events assigned

Click "Edit" on the workflow you want to modify:

Edit a workflow

You will see the workflow in the current state and you can start modifying it:

Workflow with three triggers

The new automation we want to make is that an email is sent when the customer has rescheduled a meeting.

New trigger. A booking has been rescheduled.

When a customer has rescheduled a meeting it is important to send them a notification with the new date and time of the appointment. For this to happen you need to add a new trigger to the workflow.

Click on "Add Trigger":

Add trigger

In the drop-down menu, the available triggers will appear:

Available triggers

Select the trigger "A booking/meeting has been rescheduled":

Rescheduled trigger added to workflow

Now we need to add the action that will occur when a meeting has been rescheduled.

Click on "Add new action" in the corresponding trigger:

Add action

Select the action from the drop-down menu:


Since what we want to happen is to send the rescheduling email when the customer has rescheduled the booking, you have to select the action "Send reschedule email":

Adding action

Choose the rescheduling template you want to send, the email account from where the cancellation email will be sent and click "Add":

Workflow with four triggers

When you are done editing the workflow or each step you are including click "Save".

Now our workflow after editing consists of four automations:

  • Send confirmation email.
  • Send reminder emails.
  • Send cancellation email.
  • Send rescheduling email.

And it will be applied to all events assigned to this workflow.