Integration with KlickTipp

TuCalendi's KlickTipp integration allows you to automate your marketing campaigns from the moment your customers make a booking with you.

NOTE: In order to integrate with KlickTipp you need to have your own KlickTipp account.

We have implemented a very simple process to be able to integrate with KlickTipp

Login to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Integrations" option:


Connect KlickTipp

Locate the option to connect with KlickTipp:

KlickTipp integration

To make the integration with KlickTipp click on "Connect".

It will be open a popup, where you will need to enter your KlickTipp account username and password to enable the KlickTipp integration with TuCalendi, so you can automate your marketing campaigns.

Revoke KlickTipp

You can revoke the the integration of KlickTipp at any time.

Revoke KlickTipp integration