Integrate Microsoft Exchange Calendar with TuCalendi

If you are a Microsoft Exchange user you can integrate Microsoft Exchange Calendar with TuCalendi to synchronize your meetings, appointments or events booked by your customers from TuCalendi with your Exchange calendar.

TuCalendi needs the permission of the owner of the Microsoft Exchange account to access Microsoft Exchange server Calendar, for this we have prepared a very simple process to integrate Exchange Calendar and TuCalendi.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Choose the "Integrations" option.

TuCalendi integrations

Integrate with Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Go to the "Exchange server Calendar" integration option.

Connect Microsoft Exchange server

To integrate with Exchange Server Calendar you must click on "Connect" and enter the data corresponding to your Exchange server:

Authenticate Microsoft Exchange Server

You must indicate the following data:

  • URL of the Exchange server.
  • The user name.
  • Your password.
If you do not know this information you should contact your Microsoft Exchange Server provider.

When you have it, click on "Check" to verify that the credentials entered are correct:

Microsoft Exchange Server integrated

Click "Save" and you have now integrated Microsoft Exchange Calendar with TuCalendi.

Disconnect Outlook Calendar

At any time, if you decide not to continue with this integration, you can revoke the permissions and proceed to disconnect TuCalendi from Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar.

Revoke Microsoft Exchange server integrationTo do this, simply click on "Revoke".

IMPORTANT: When you have done the integration between Microsoft Exchange Calendar and TuCalendi you must connect the events you want to synchronize.