Setting up Gmail to send TuCalendi notifications

To give the greatest confidence to your customers, it is very important that you can set up your own email account for confirmation notifications or reminder notifications that are sent by email to your customers or users from TuCalendi when they have booked an event with you.

Sometimes the process to configure the Gmail or Gsuite account can be a bit cumbersome, for this reason and in response to requests from numerous TuCalendi users we created a solution that makes the process super simple and uncomplicated

The solution we have developed has been verified and approved by Google.

Log in TuCalendi username and password. Go to the "Email accounts" option.

Email accounts menu

Click "Add" to be able to include your email account to be used for sending confirmation notifications and reminders of scheduled events.

Add Gmail accountClick on the "Sign in with Google" button and select the account you wish to use.

Select your Gmail accountClick on "Next" to enter your account password.

Introduce Gmail PasswordClick on "Next" to allow TuCalendi to send notifications using your email account.

Allow  Google email

Click "Allow" and your Gmail account will be added to TuCalendi so that notifications will be sent from your own email.