How to request a coupon from my online calendar?

By following a few simple steps you can request coupons from the TuCalendi online calendar widget. This way you can make promotions with discounts and your users or clients can benefit from booking an appointment or meeting with you.

Log in with your TuCalendi username and password.

Once you have created your coupons, they will appear in the coupon list:

Coupon list

You can create as many coupons as you need for the promotions you want to make.

Once you have the coupon you must create a survey. Go to the "Survey Templates" option:

Survey templates

To create a new survey click on "New".

There are two types of surveys available:

  • Standard. This is a new survey that can be assigned to each type
  • Standalone. It is a new survey that can be used as a standalone widget and with routing to different event types.

Survey types

Select the "Standard" type.

If you have already created a survey you can go in and edit it to add or remove options.

Click on the "Elements" button:

Create a new survey add elements

In the menu, select the "Coupon field" option:

Elements menu


When creating the coupon field you must indicate a description, write in the field "Helper text" and click on "Add".

Add a coupon to a survey

When you have added it and completed the flow by joining the boxes, click "Save"

To join the boxes click with the mouse on the point to the right of the initial box, keep the mouse pressed and draw the line to the point to the left of the box you want to join.

Survey flow with a coupon In the pop-up window that appears enter an alias to name the survey template you have created.

Add a alias to the surveyWhen you click on "Save" the survey template to request the coupon will have been created and will appear in your list of survey templates.

Survey menu


Next you must choose the event to which you want to associate the template so that your users and customers can enter the coupon you have created and shared.

To do this, simply go to the "Calendars" option.

Calendars with events

Locate the event to which you want to associate the survey and click on the event name.

All the configuration options will appear in the horizontal menu. Click on the "Advanced" option:

Assigning a suvey to an event

When you click on the "Surveys" field, the list with the surveys you have created will be displayed and you only have to choose the one corresponding to the coupon.

When you have selected the survey click on "Save" and you will have the survey associated to the event.

In this case, as the survey is only for your customers to validate a promotional coupon when they enter your calendar to book an appointment or meeting with you, they will be able to include the coupon you have provided them with the promotion you have created.

Your customers when they enter your online calendar to book with you have the option to add it:

Widget online calendar with add coupon option