Add images to email templates

We have added a new option in the event confirmation and reminder templates, which is the possibility to add images in the email templates. You will see this option when you are writing the confirmation or reminder templates.

Log in with your TuCalendi username and password. Go to "Email/SMS templates":

Notification templates menu

In this tutorial we will base it on the "Confirmation Templates":

Create a new confirmation template 

For the rest of the templates it is exactly the same, you just have to select the Templates you want to create

If you have not yet created a confirmation template, click on the "New" button and indicate the name you want the template to have.

New confirmation template

Initially the template is empty so that you can fully customize it. Click on the "DEFAULT" field:

Write confirmation templateClicking on the "Paste or write the confirmation text here..." box will open the editor that will allow you to write the notification and add the image of your choice.

Insert images in confirmation templates

Click on the icon to insert the image and enter the source of the image (the URL of the image), the description you want the image to have, the dimensions and click on "Save".

Add imagesOnce you have the template as you want it:

Confirmation template exampleClick on "Save" and you will have the template stored so you can start using it in your online calendar event confirmations. 

The process for the reminder templates is the same, you just need to access the "Reminder Templates" option.