Integrate iCloud Calendar with TuCalendi

If you are an Apple user and you use iCloud Calendar you can integrate iCloud Calendar with TuCalendi to have all the appointments, meetings or events booked by your clients synchronized from TuCalendi's online calendar with iCloud Calendar.

TuCalendi needs the permission of the iCloud account owner to access the calendar and perform the integration. We have prepared a very simple process to integrate both platforms.

In addition, for security and privacy as iCloud has a two-factor authentication it is necessary to perform a step in Apple to confirm the integration. The exact procedure is explained in this help article so you don't have any doubts. 

NOTE: An iCloud Calendar integration requires an iCloud account.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Integrations" option.


Integrate with iCloud Calendar

Select the "iCloud Calendar" option:

Connect to iCloud CalendarTo perform the integration with iCloud Calendar you need to click on "Connect" and it will direct you to the iCloud checkout page.

Integrating iCloud Calendar user ID

IMPORTANT: If you enter your iCloud username and password in this window, the integration will not be performed. You will receive a connection error.

To connect your iCloud account, a two-factor authentication is required in addition to a password specific to the TuCalendi integration.

To set this specific password for TuCalendi, you must log in to your Apple account and validate with your Apple ID.

Apple ID

Click on "App-Specifyc Passwords" field:

App-specific passwordsIn our case we already have a password but we are going to create another one.

Click on the "+" symbol:

Generate App-Specific Password

In the popup enter the name of the platform or the alias you want to identify the password and click "Create". In this case the password label is TuCalendi Support.

Then a new popup will appear with the specific password to perform the integration with TuCalendi.

App-Specific password created

Copy the password, go back to the iCloud integration option of TuCalendi.

Now enter your iCloud ID and paste the generated password.

Integrating iCloud Calendar passwordClick on "Check" and the integration with the two-factor authentication and a specific password for the integration with TuCalendi is done.

Integrated iCloud with TuCalendiJust click "Save" to complete the integration.

Disconnect iCloud

At any time, if you decide not to continue with this integration, you can revoke the permissions and iCloud Calendar and TuCalendi will be disconnected.

Revoke iCloud CalendarTo do this just click on "Revoke"

IMPORTANT: When you have done the integration in iCloud Calendar and TuCalendi you must synchronize the events you want to be connected.