Time zones

In a globalized world you may have customers or potential customers anywhere on the planet and there is a need to meet with them.

Many of the meetings, appointments or events you organize do not need a physical location, they can be virtual and can be done through videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting.

As there are 24 time zones on Earth, it is important to keep in mind where you and your customers are located so that when meetings are scheduled there is no error with the time zone of each person.

Configure your time zone in TuCalendi

Once you have registered in TuCalendi, you want to start setting up your account and schedule your calendar and events, it is important that one of your first steps is to set your time zone. This way, when you set up your events you will see them in your local time zone and it will be the reference for when your clients or customers schedule any meeting or event with you. You can change your time zone at any time.

How TuCalendi detects the time zone of your users or customers

TuCalendi automatically detects the time zone in which your clients or customers who are going to book with you are located. And adjusts the availability of the event to the customers' local time. Avoiding errors with the time difference.