Contacts make it easy to manage the customers you're meeting with, scheduling history and book follow-up engagements directly from TuCalendi's online application. The contact module offers you the following options:

Create a contact

To create a new contact, click on “Add contact”. A popup will open where you need to enter the customer's details. As soon as you have finished, simply click on save and the contact will be added to your list.

Add contact

Edit a contact

To change the information of your contact, click on the menu in the list and then on “Edit”.

Contact menu

Menu edit contact

Delete a contact

You can delete your contacts at any time by simply clicking on the dlete icon. Important: A deleted contact cannot be restored.

Block or Unblock a contact

With our blacklist you have the option of blocking or unblocking your contacts. Blocked contacts will no longer be able to book anything or make an appointment with you. Only when the contact is unblocked they will be able to make bookings again.

To block a contact just click at the block icon:

Block contact

To see which contacts you have blocked, simply open the blacklist

Open blacklist

To unblock a contact click at the unblock icon:

Unblock contact

Favorite a contact

You can also favorite your contacts. This way you know, for example, which of your contacts make frequent bookings or to find them more easily. To save a contact as a favorite, simply click on the heart icon. If you click on the icon again, it will be removed from your favorites.

Make conatct as favorite

Booking history of a contact

Open the details of the contact and you will see the Booking history section. There you can track when and how often this contact has already made a booking.

Contact options

Contact details

Booking history

Show next meeting

You can also use the list to see when you have your next meeting with a contact. To do this, activate/deactivate the “Show next meeting” option. If this option is activated, you can see in the list when you have the next meeting with whom

Show next Meetings

Book a meeting/event

From the contact list, you can quickly and easily book a meeting or event for this contact. Simply click on the calendar icon. Then select the event you want to book and voila, you're done.

New booking


This is a fee-based module and is available for all plans. Please take the price from our pricing page