Where can I change the questions on the booking form?

When creating an event, by default, it is created with the system's standard form. The following data is requested in the standard form:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • E-mail address.
The form is the information that is requested from a customer when he/she wants to book an appointment from the online calendar.

Usually, it happens that some more information is needed from the person making the booking and you may ask yourself : Where can I change the questions on the booking form? The form with the questions or with the request of information that you need to collect from the people who are going to book with you should be done from the form flows.

The process is very simple, you just need to create the form flow and assign the events to the flow. This way you can request all the information you think you need from the person who is going to book with you. You can also have different form flows with different questions and assign the events from your calendars to the appropriate form flow.

Let's see how to create a form flow and assign the events.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. In the side menu click on "Flows":

Flows menu

In the "Forms" option click on "Select":

Form flows

The list of form flows appears empty because no form has been created yet.

Click on "New" to create the form flow.

Form alias

The first step is to give a name to the form you are going to create. Once you have typed the "Alias" click on "Add".

Form flow created

Next you need to customize the information you want to request from the booking form. Click on "Edit":

Edit form flow

Initially you will see the standard system form data which are first name, last name and email.

There are two types of fields that you can add to the form:

  • Predefined fields.
  • Custom fields.

Predefined fields

Both the name field and the email field are mandatory fields of the system and cannot be removed.

However, you can choose between requesting the first and last name or just the first name. Just click on the icon indicated in the field:

First name and last name fields

There are also some predefined fields in the system that you can add and mark as required or not.

When you click on "Add predefined field" the available options will be displayed and you only have to select the ones you want.

Predefined fields options

IMPORTANT: If you want to send SMS using the workflows  you must add the predefined field "Mobile" in the form flow.

In our case we are going to add the "Mobile" field:

Predefined mobile field addedIn the new field that has been added by clicking on the "pencil icon" you can mark the cell phone field as mandatory and also select the country code that has default phone numbers.

Edit predefined fieldWhen you have it click and "Save":

Edit mobile field

Custom fields

With custom fields the possibilities multiply as you can choose from the different options available and add several times the same custom field but with different options.

Clicking on "Add custom field" will display a menu with the options and you only have to select the ones you need to get the information of the people who are going to book.

Custom fieldsIn our case we will add a "Text" field and an "Option button" field with 4 possibilities in both cases the answers are mandatory.

Edit form

When you have added all the fields you need click the "Save" button and you have created the form.

Assign events

The next and last step to finish with the form flow is to assign the events where you want the created form to be displayed.

Go back to the main form flow menu and click on "Assign events":

Assign events to a form flow

You will be able to choose the events you want to assign to the form flow:

Choose events to a form flow

You can select the events individually by clicking on "Choose" of the event you want, or by clicking on "Select All" all available events will be chosen.

IMPORTANT: The same event cannot be assigned to two different form flows.

When you have selected the events that you want to be assigned to the form flow click on "Save":

Form flow with events assigned

From this moment on when a person is going to book any meeting of the events assigned to the form flow, he/she will have to enter the requested information.

At any time you can modify a created form by adding or deleting fields in the form. Of course, it is also possible to add or remove the assigned events.