Date and time substitution tags for rescheduling templates

The rescheduling templates must use different date and time substitution tags than the substitution tags used in the confirmation templates.

This is because when a client reschedules an appointment, both a new date and a new booking time can be set. In order not to mix up the initial tags used in the confirmation templates, it is necessary to use the following tags in the rescheduling templates:

Substitution tags that reference the initial booking.

In the rescheduling template you can inform customers of the date and time they initially booked.

In this case the tags to use are:

  • customers_old_date
    old date of the customer
  • customers_old_time
    Old time of the customer

Substitution tags that refer to the new conditions.

What you should indicate in the rescheduling template, so that there is no mistake, is the date and time of the reservation once the rescheduling is done.

The tags that show the new date and time are:

  • customers_new_date
    New date of the customer
  • customers_new_time
    New customer time
These substitution tags are only valid for rescheduling templates.

Using these substitution tags in the rescheduling templates will show the correct time and date in the emails that customers receive when they reschedule a reservation.