Synchronization for a Round Robin mode user with Google Calendar

For teamwork in Round Robin mode to work correctly, it is absolutely necessary to synchronize each user assigned to an event set in Round Robin mode with their external calendar such as Google Calendar.

IMPORTANT: When you choose Round Robin mode for an event, the synchronization with external calendars that has been set for the event is ignored and not taken into consideration. For teamwork in Round Robin mode to work correctly, it is totally necessary to synchronize with the external calendar for each assigned user.

Let's see how to proceed with this fundamental step to synchronize a user in Round Robin mode with Google Calendar.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Calendars" option:

Calendar with several events

Locate the event for which you want to define the type of team in Round Robin mode and the user assignment. Click on the event name.

In the horizontal menu, all the configuration options of the event will be displayed.

Click on the "Assignment" block:

Assigned users

In each user click on the three vertical dots:

User settings options

You will access the menu with the settings options for each team member assigned to the event:

User optionsClick on "Calendar" to proceed with the synchronization:

Round Robin assigned user synchronization

Click "Add", select the calendar you want to synchronize with and click "Save".

You will see that there are two options for adding calendars:

  • "Select the calendars to which you want to add the booked meetings": this synchronization will cause all bookings made by your customers from TuCalendi to be added the chosen Google calendars.
  • "Select the calendars that should be checked for conflicts and avoid double bookings": This corresponds to the bidirectional synchronization with an external calendar to check for conflicts in bookings, avoiding duplicate bookings or bookings in time slots that are busy.

When you have done this each user will be updated and will appear as shown in the image "Sync: Connected" and "Check: Connected".

Users team Round Robin with calendar connected

From this moment on, the event will start working in Round Robin mode according to the established priority and time availability.