What information can I find on the dashboard?

We have prepared an easy to understand, intuitive and clean "Dashboard".

When you log in to TuCalendi with your username and password, the information displayed will give you a quick overview of what's going on.

New dashboard with an event

The next meeting is highlighted.

A list of the next 6 events booked. Clicking on the event will display the individual details of each event.

In addition to two buttons:

  • Schedule event: From where you can make a manual booking to any event.
  • Summary: To access all scheduled events.

A booking search engine. If a client calls you to make any inquiry about the reservation made, simply enter the reservation number to access the complete details of the same.

Blocks where you can find relevant information:

  • The number of scheduled bookings.
  • The number of cancellations.
  • The number of calendars you have created.
  • The number of events you have created.
  • Access to the help center.