Integrate TuCalendi with Hubspot

Integrate TuCalendi with Hubspot so that you have all your contacts in your CRM and can keep contacting them by offering content, products or services relevant to them.

We have made the integration process between TuCalendi and Hubspot very simple.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Select the "Integrations" option:


Connect to Hubspot

Select the option to connect to Hubspot.

Hubspot integration

To make the integration with Hubspot click on "Connect" and you will be taken to the Hubspot confirmation page to enter your details and give the necessary permissions to make the connection between TuCalendi and Hubspot. By enabling the integration all customers who book a meeting, appointment or any event with you will be added to the CRM as well as the type of event they have booked.

Disconnect Hubspot

At any time you can revoke TuCalendi's connection with Hubspot.

Revoke Hubspot

To disconnect TuCalendi from Hupspot, simply click the "Revoke" link. 

NOTE: In order to integrate with Hubspot it is necessary to have an account with Hupspot.