How to delete a workflow

If you have created a workflow but have stopped using it and to avoid confusion you decide to delete it, you can do it in just three clicks.

Let's see how to delete a workflow is very simple.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Flows" menu:

Flows menu

Under the option "Workflows (After booking)" click on "Select":

The flows you have created will appear.

Flujos de trabajo disponibles

To avoid accidentally deleting a workflow, the delete option is initially disabled.

To be able to delete a workflow, you only have to mark the workflow you want to delete and the option to delete it will be activated.

Delete workflows

Click on "Delete" and a window will appear to confirm that you really want to delete the selected workflow.

Confirm delete a workflow

If you are sure you want to delete just click on "Delete", the workflow with all automations will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

When you delete a workflow all the automations will be removed and the events assigned to the workflow will no longer be connected to it and you can assign them to another existing workflow or to a new one you are going to create.