Cancellation SMS settings

With cancellation SMS templates you can customize the cancellation notifications your customers receive on their cell phone when they cancel a meeting with you. This way you can help them schedule a new appointment.

Creating the SMS that will be sent to your customers when they cancel a meeting, appointment or any event they have booked with you is very easy. It is stored in TuCalendi as a custom template and by using the replacement tags the SMS arrives tailored to each customer. 

NOTE: Due to the limitation of SMS to 160 characters, some substitution tags cannot be used in SMS. The information of the link to the video conference room or the option to cancel a meeting must be included in the confirmation or reminder email templates.

Validate yourself with your TuCalendi login and password. Go to the "Email/SMS Templates" option.

Notification templates menu

In the option "Cancellation templates" click on "Select":

Create a new cancellation template

Click on the "New" button and indicate the name of the new template you are going to create: 

If you have previously created any cancellation templates, just select the one you want to edit.

 Create  SMS cancellation templates

Initially the template is empty so that you can fully customize it. Click on the field called "DEFAULT":

Edit cancellation SMS

In the "SMS" block start writing the text. Clicking on it will open a simple editor that will allow you to write the cancellation SMS and use the replacement tags.

To include the tags, just click on the "Tags" drop-down menu in the SMS editor and choose the tags you want to include. 

IMPORTANT: Remember that the SMS can have a maximum of 160 characters and the text that will be displayed when the tag value is taken out could exceed the maximum number of characters possible.

At the end click on "Save" and you will have the SMS template stored so that you can start using it in the cancellation SMS in your online calendar events.

Once you have created the cancellation SMS you can associate it to the events.