Manually schedule a meeting regardless of time availability

Occasionally it may be necessary to schedule meetings regardless of the availability established at the event. In TuCalendi it is possible to manually schedule a meeting regardless of time availability.

Manually scheduling a meeting without checking the time availability set in the event can be done very easily.

Once you have logged in with your username and password you will enter the TuCalendi dashboard. In the block "Upcoming booked events" you will find the button "Schedule event".

Click on the "Schedule event" button to access to make a booking manually.

TuCalendi dashboard

You will be taken to the option to manually schedule a meeting.

First you must select the event you want to schedule:

Schedule an event manually

Checking the "Free time choice" option will not take into account the free times, nor the established time slots. 

This option is very useful if you want to schedule last minute meetings. That is, when a client calls you and needs to have a meeting with you as soon as possible.

You can choose the day and time you want to have the meeting.

Schedule an event manually with free time choice

Enter the basic data to be able to schedule the meeting:

  • Participant's first name.
  • Participant's last name.
  • Participant's email address. 

Check the "Notify customer" box to send the meeting confirmation notification by email to the customer and click "Save".

In this simple way, you have been able to manually schedule a meeting regardless of the time availability set in the event. 

By accessing the "Scheduled events" option you will also find the possibility to "Schedule event".