Creating the flow for double Opt-in

In TuCalendi we have developed the double Opt-In flow for when a double confirmation is required by the customer of the reservation he/she has made.

Creating the flow for the double Opt-In is very simple, as you only need to assign to the flow the events that require double confirmation.

Log in to your TuCalendi account with your username and password. In the side menu click on "Flows":

Menu flows

In the "Double Opt-In" option click on "Select":

Double Opt-In flow


We have developed this flow in such a way that you should only choose the events that require a double confirmation of the booking.

Click on the three vertical dots:

Creating a double Opt-In

The menu with the Double Opt-In flow options will be displayed:

Double Opt-In flow menu

Click on "Assign meeting types/events", the complete list of events you have created in your calendars will be displayed. You only need to select the events that need to have a double opt-in confirmation and click on "Save".

This assigns the events to the double Opt-In flow.

Double Opt-In with events assigned

For the double Opt-In process to be fully operational you must add the double Opt-In link in the confirmation template.

IMPORTANT: If you assign an event with a double Opt-In procedure but the confirmation template does not contain a double Opt-In link, the client will not be able to confirm the appointment and the booking will be automatically deleted after 2 hours and the time slot will be released again.