What are replacement tags in TuCalendi email templates?

TuCalendi offers the possibility of using tags in the customization of email notifications, so that the information sent to customers when they make the reservation of any event is dynamic and the communication is automated.

For example, it allows you to forget about personally write each email you want to send to a customer with the booking information, because by customizing the notification templates and using the tags, when TuCalendi sends an email to your customer it arrives fully customized with your data and without any possibility of error.

Entering the tags is very simple. When you are in the email template editor and you are typing a text you just have to type the character { and the list of tags will be displayed for you to select the one you need. When you have chosen it, it will appear in the email template between { }.

You can also click on "Tags" option to see the list of replacement tags:

Replacement tags menu


Replacement tags can also be included in the subject field of emails. But in this case you must always write the tag in between {tag}.

 To see the replacement tags that we have in TuCalendi click here.