Format of the text fields of the forms

With TuCalendi flows, creating forms with the information you want to request from your customers when they book an appointment with you is much more flexible and faster . In addition, we have added a new feature that allows you to specify the formatting of the text fields you add to the form.

Let's see how it is possible to include formatting in the text fields of the forms.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. In the side menu click on "Flows":

Flow menu

In the "Forms" option click on "Select".

If you have not yet created a form flow, you can create a form flow from scratch:

Form flow

By clicking "New" to start creating a new form flow.

Or, on the form flow you have previously created:

Form flow with event assigned

Clicking "Edit" to modify the form flow, adding new fields to the flow or deleting the fields you want.

Edit form

Clicking on "Add Custom Field" will display a menu with the various custom field options:

Custom fieldsClick on "Text field" to add a text field to the form:

form text field

Click on "Type" to select the type of text field you want to add:

Type text field

Text type

In this type of field, customers will be able to type text, letters or numbers, without any specific formatting.

Number type

By selecting this number type, customers will only be able to enter numbers in the format you have chosen.Number Type

Date type

When the date type is chosen, the field will only be able to enter a date in the format you have chosen.

Date typeWhen you have added the fields:

Text fields added

Click "Save" so that the form will display the fields you have added.

Remember that after creating the form flow you must assign the events where you want the form flow to appear.