Include link to video room in confirmation templates

When the events you have created are virtual meetings through the different video platforms we have available in TuCalendi, in order for your customers to access the video room once they have booked with you, you must include the link to the video room in the confirmation templates.

This is possible in TuCalendi in a very simple way using the {video_link} substitution tag, here's how you can do it.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Email/SMS Templates" option.

Notification templates menu

In the option "Confirmation templates" click on "Select":

Create a new confirmation template

If you have not yet created any confirmation template, click on the "New" button and indicate the name you want the template you are going to create to have.

In case you have already created a template and need to modify it, just click on the template you want to edit.

New confirmation templateInitially the template will be empty so you can fully customize it. Click on the field called "DEFAULT"

Creating a confirmation templateClicking on the "Email" field will open the editor with which you will be able to write the booking confirmation notification and include the different replacement tags that we have available.

For your customers, regardless of the video platform you have integrated in TuCalendi, to receive the link to the virtual meeting room you must add the {video_link} tag and in the confirmation email they will receive once they have made a booking with you, the link to the video room will appear so that they can access the meeting.

Adding video link tag to confirmation templateIf you do not want the link to the video room to be displayed directly, you can include the {video_link} tag in a linked text.

To do this, just type the text you want, for example, "To access the video room click here". Select this text, click on the insert link option in the confirmation template editor:

Adding video link tag in a text with a linkIn the URL field include the substitution tag {video_link} and click "Save".

The confirmation template will be displayed as follows:

Confirmation template video link tag in a text with a link

When you finish customizing the confirmation template click on "Save" and the customers will receive the confirmation email the way you have designed it.