TuCalendi for work teams

We have developed the new advanced functionality of TuCalendi for work teams. This new feature of TuCalendi is ideal for any company or freelancer who has a team of people working together and needs to keep everything organized, managing the booking of appointments or meetings with the different members of the team.  

If you are responsible for a team of people working together, both face-to-face and online, TuCalendi for teams is the tool to manage your team and grow your business.

For a year we have been developing TuCalendi for teams and we continue to work every day to add more features so you can get the most out of your team.

We have worked very hard, we are aware that we have been delayed in the launch, but always listening to the needs that TuCalendi users communicated to us, to make an extraordinary tool for managing teams of any size.

In addition, so that you can benefit from TuCalendi to manage your team and make the decision quickly, we continue our policy of simplicity in pricing.

TuCalendi for teams is built into the Pro Plan, you just need to add users to your subscription to start managing the calendar and booking of appointments, meetings or attendance at any type of event you organize. 

Additional users are added to the Pro Plan subscription on a monthly payment modality. The price for each additional user is 8€/month.

If you don't have a team of people working with you, you can continue using TuCalendi as before.

However, if you do have a team, with TuCalendi's team functionality you can manage your team in two ways:

  • Collective: This consists of scheduling meetings in which all users or members of your team assigned to the event can attend each booking.
  • Rotational: Using Round Robin you manage the bookings on a rotational basis among the team members assigned to the events. This method has numerous configuration options.

In this section of our help center we will incorporate various tutorials to explain how the different options work. Given the large number of possibilities we will add tutorials to explain in detail how TuCalendi for teams works.

If you have questions at any time you can contact our specialized support team via email help@tucalendi.com.