Check if a reservation has been paid

Knowing which meetings and appointments your clients have scheduled with you from TuCalendi is very fast and intuitive. Also with a new booking detail feature you can check if a booking has been paid.

Once you have logged in to TuCalendi with your username and password, click on the left menu option called "Scheduled Events":

Scheduled events

In the image above you can see the scheduled events in calendar format view, you can change the view to list format by simply clicking on the icon above the dates.

Clicking on any of the booking references will take you to the full details of the booking.

Details of a reservation with payment received

In the details of the reservation that has been paid, all the information related to the reservation is shown:

Event details with payment


Details of a booking without payment

When a booking has not received a payment the same information is displayed except for the information related to the transaction because it has not taken place.

Event details without payment

You may wonderwhy this information is useful, if when a customer makes the payment I get the money directly in the PayPal or Stripe account and also if he has made the reservation it means that he has paid?

This option will be useful if you make manual reservations for your customers, since in this type of reservations, for security reasons, the credit card or PayPal account information is not requested, but you can make the reservation to occupy the time slot and in this way you know that the customer has not paid and has to pay when you have the appointment with him or her.

If you make manual reservations for events that require payment, you will know that the appointment has not been paid and you must charge the client.