Which are the replacement tags?

To make it easier for you to identify the replacement tags we have available in TuCalendi, below is a list with the name of the tag and a short description of its function:

  • customer_name
    Customer's full name
  • customer_first_name
    Customer's name
  • customer_last_name
    Customer's last name
  • customer_email
    Customer's email
  • customer_mobile
    Customer's cell phone
  • customer_landline
    Customer's landline phone
  • customer_whatsapp
    Customer's Whatsapp number
  • booking_number
    Booking number
  • customers_local_date
    Customer's local date
  • customers_local_time
    Customer's local time
  • event_local_date
    Local date of the event
  • event_local_time
    Local time of the event
  • event_duration
    Event duration
  • event_name
    Event name
  • video_link
    Video conference link
  • assigned_user
    User assigned to the event
  • cancel_link
    Booking cancellation link
  • event_location
    Event location
  • cancel_message
    Cancellation message
  • form_data
    Custom form fields (Only valid for internal notifications)
  • survey_data
    Survey data (Only valid for internal notifications)
  • detected_user_language
    User language (Only valid for internal notifications)
  • customers_old_date
    Old customer date (Only valid for reschedule templates)
  • customers_old_time
    Old customer time (Only valid for reschedule templates)
  • customers_new_date
    New customer date (Only valid for reschedule templates)
  • customers_new_time
    New customer time (Only valid for reschedule templates)
  • reschedule_message
    Additional reprogramming message (Only valid for reschedule templates)
  • reschedule_link
    Link to reschedule a booking
  • reschedule_pin
    Security pin to reschedule a booking
  • double_optin_link
    Double check link (Only valid for confirmation templates)
  • customer_salutation
    Customer greeting

Use them in the confirmation email templates, reminder email templates, rescheduling email templates, cancellation email templates and internal notifications.