What is a calendar?

The concept of the calendar is familiar to everyone. It is nothing more than a representation of the passage of days grouped into weeks, months and years. It allows us to have a temporal location in our daily lives and to be able to use time more efficiently.

This is what we do with TuCalendi calendars, organize the time of a person or a team to achieve maximum efficiency in the work and personal environment.

In TuCalendi, depending on your subscription plan, you can manage only one calendar or several calendars in the same environment.

You may wonder why you need to have several calendars. For example, when your company is composed of different departments and you want each one to have its own calendar for better management.

Although perhaps in your case you can do all your time management in a single calendar, do not worry, we will not change so much your way of working. It is a feature of how TuCalendi works that is included in the payment plans and that you can use or not. It's all up to you.