Upgrade from Monthly Pro Plan to Annual Pro Plan

Many users upgrade from the Basic Plan to the Pro Plan of TuCalendi, for different reasons, do it on a monthly basis. But as time goes by, they check the functionalities of TuCalendi, the experience in their business, the ease of use of the platform, our customer service and decide to upgrade from the monthly Pro Plan to the annual Pro Plan, taking advantage of the offer of getting two months free.

Upgrading your TuCalendi subscription from monthly to annual is very fast.

Log in to your TuCalendi account with your username and password. Go to the "Settings" option:

Access to your account seetings

Click on the "Plan Settings" tab:


In your account information click on the "Subscriptions" option to get more details of your subscription:

Update to anual payment

Click on "Update to yearly payment":

Update to annual payment

You will only need to confirm that you agree to upgrade to annual payment by clicking "Yes, I agree and pay". Your card will automatically be charged the annual Pro Plan fee.

If you want to upgrade to the three-year Pro Plan, please contact our support team at support@tucalendi.com. For the three-year Pro Plan, we must do the process manually.