How to assign events to a workflow

For the workflow that has been created to be operational, it must have the events that you want to use this workflow assigned to it.

IMPORTANT: The same event cannot be assigned to two different workflows.

Once the workflow has been created, let's see how to assign the events to it.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. In the side menu, click on "Workflows":

Flows menu

In the option "Workflows (after booking)" click on "Select":

Workflow created

As the workflow has already been previously created, for the workflow to be operational it is necessary to assign the desired events to it.

Click on the three vertical dots in the workflow:

Assign events to a workflow

The options menu will be displayed:

Workflow options

Click on " Assign meeting types/events", the complete list of events you have created in your calendars will appear. You only need to select the events that you want to use the workflow:

Workflow with events assigned

In our case we want three events from our list to use this workflow and these are what we have assigned to them.

From this moment on, when a person goes to book any meeting from the events assigned to the workflow, the automations that have been included will be performed.

At any time it is possible to add or remove events assigned to a workflow.