What are TuCalendi extras for your account?

We always think in the simplicity of TuCalendi pricing plans, for this reason we have only two options:

  • Basic Plan: free, fully operational but limited in features and integrations, as only integration with Google Calendar is possible.
  • Pro Plan: our paid plan with all features and integrations enabled for use.

You may ask yourself, what are the TuCalendi extras for my account, if in the Pro Plan all the features and integrations are available.

The Pro Plan has absolutely all TuCalendi features available, but certain features are limited in quantity.

  • Users.
  • Calendars.
  • Confirmation, reminder, cancellation, rescheduling and follow up email templates.
  • Survey templates.
  • Booking pages.
  • Email accounts.

In your business you may need to add more users, calendars, templates, booking pages or email accounts. With TuCalendi extras you can customize your subscription to suit your usage needs.

Pricing of TuCalendi extras.

Each TuCalendi extra has a monthly fee:

Extra Monthly price per unit
User 8 €/month
Calendar 1 €/month
Confirmation template 0,5 €/month
Reminder template 0,5 €/month
Cancellation template 0,5 €/month
Rescheduling template 0,5 €/month
Follow-up template 0,5 €/month
Survey template 1,5 €/month
Reservation page 1,5 €/month
Email account 1 €/month


Things to keep in mind about TuCalendi extras.

There are several things to keep in mind if you want to add extras to your account.

  • Youcan only add extras to accounts that have a Pro Plan subscription. If you have a Basic Plan account you must first upgrade to the Pro Plan.
  • Extras will always be charged on a monthly basis, regardless of whether the Pro Plan subscription is monthly or yearly. This way you can add and remove the extras whenever you want.
  • If the Pro Plan subscription is triennial and you need to add extras, in the same way that the creation or renewal of this type of subscription is done manually, the process of adding extras will also be managed manually. And the billing of the extras will be monthly
  • Extras can be cancelled at any time.
  • When cancelling the extras, the corresponding credit will be generated and will be used to make a discount on future charges. We do not refund any difference to the card.
Extras are managed from your TuCalendi account settings.

You can read a tutorial on how to add extras to your account.