How to duplicate a workflow

When you have created a workflow and you need to create a new one with the same triggers and only changing some actions, for example using different email templates, in order not to create the workflow from scratch it is possible to duplicate an existing workflow.

Note that the same event cannot be in two different workflows.

Let's see how to duplicate a TuCalendi workflow.

Log in with your TuCalendi username and password. Go to the "Workflows" menu:

Flows menu

Under the "Workflows (after booking)" option click on "Select":

As you have previously created a workflow you will see the ones that are available:

Workflow with events

Click on the three vertical dots of the workflow you want to duplicate:

Duplicate workflow

The options menu will be displayed:

Workflow menu

Click on "Duplicate" and you must give a name to the duplicate workflow:

Alias duplicate workflow

When you have entered the name click on "Duplicate".

This will duplicate the initial workflow and the new one will appear in the list of available workflows.

Workflow created

The duplicated workflow appears without assigned events because the same events cannot be in two workflows.

Now you must edit the workflow to make the changes you consider appropriate and then assign the corresponding events to the new workflow.