How to create a flow of terms and conditions

With the terms flows you can set the conditions and notices that are displayed in the widget about the meetings that are going to be scheduled with you. This way your customers will be informed about important information before booking.

Let's see how to create a terms flow with TuCalendi.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. In the side menu click on "Flows":

Flow menu

In the "Terms" option click on "Select":

Terms flow

Create term flow.

As we have not created any term flow, it appears empty. Click on "New" to create the term flow:

Terms flow alias

Start by giving a name or alias to the term flow you are going to create and click on "Add":

Edit terms flow

Next to add the terms and conditions to the flow click on "Edit":

Creating a terms flow

In the text fields:

  • Cancellation conditions.
  • Disclaimer.

When you enter each field an editor will open with which you can write the information that will be displayed in the widget regarding terms and conditions.

When you have done so, just activate the toggle switch in the corresponding text fields and click "Save".

In the widget you can display both fields or only the one that corresponds to your case.

Assign events to the flow of terms.

To finalize and make the terms flow operational you must assign the events in which you want the information about terms and conditions to be displayed.

Go back to the main menu of the terms flow and click on the three vertical dots:

Assign events to terms flow

A menu with the following options will be displayed:

terms flow options menu

Click on "Assign meeting types/events", from the list that is displayed with all events you have created and are available, select the appropriate ones and click on "Save":

Terms flow with events assigned

From this moment on when a person wants to book an appointment with you, the widget will display the terms and conditions you have indicated in the terms flow.

At any time you can edit the terms flow by adding or deleting events and of course if you have changed the terms or conditions of the meetings.