Adding extra time to a booking from the survey

Adding in the survey the different fields with questions and answers that your users can fill in from the online calendar before the booking, providing information or explanation during the survey and establishing the flow between the different options of the survey, is done in a very simple and visual way in TuCalendi

In addition, from the survey, depending on the user's answers to the different questions you ask to find out the necessary information for the meeting they are going to book with you, you can add extra time to the appointment.

We have developed a visual editor that will allow you to make the survey and establish the flow between the different steps.

 Log in to your TuCalendi account. Go to the "Survey Templates" option:

Survey tempales

To create a new survey click on "New".

There are two types of surveys available:

  • Standard. This is a new survey that can be assigned to each type
  • Standalone. It is a new survey that can be used as a standalone widget and with routing to different event types.

Survey types

Select the "Standard" type.

If you have already created a survey you can go in and edit it to add or remove options.

Click on the "Actions" button:

Create a new survey adding actions

In the menu, select the "Time" option:

Actions menuTo add extra time to a booking in the "Add time" field you only have to indicate the number of extra minutes that the appointment will have. When you have it click on "Add"

The extra time on the booking may be related to other customer responses throughout the survey.

Add extra time to a survey

You can either add time to a booking or subtract time from the appointment. Just select "+" to add time or "-" to subtract minutes.

When you have added the options and completed the flow by joining the boxes, click "Save"

To join the boxes click with the mouse on the point to the right of the initial box, keep the mouse pressed and draw the line to the point to the left of the box you want to join.

Adding extra time to survey flow

In the pop-up window that appears enter an alias to name the survey template you have created.

Add survey aliasWhen you click "Save" the survey template will have been created and will appear in your list of survey templates.

Survey list

To make the survey visible you must choose the event to which you want to associate the template. This way your users and customers can respond to the survey you have created. In this case 30 minutes will be added to the normal meeting time

From the survey and based on your clients' responses, you also have the option to subtract time from the booking.