Is it possible to schedule a meeting manually?

From TuCalendi it is possible to schedule a meeting manually. We implemented this option for a simple reason, several requests from users.

They told us that sometimes end customers did not have the possibility to access the booking page and ended up calling by phone to arrange the meeting or book the event.

They needed everything to be unified in one place. It was a necessary feature and we developed it.

Scheduling a meeting manually is a simple process.

Once you have logged in with your username and password you will enter the TuCalendi Dashboard.

In the "The next booked events" block you will find the "Schedule event" button. Click on this button.

New dashboard with an event

You will be taken to the page to schedule the event manually. In a few simple steps you will have made the booking manually:

  • Select the event.
  • Indicate the time zone where the customer is located.
  • Choose the date your client requests and select the time they want.
  • Enter the information you request in the event form.
IMPORTANT: You have to indicate the time zone where the customer is located to avoid confusion in the booking times.


Create manually a booking

Check the "Notify customer" box to have notifications emailed to the customer and click "Save"

By accessing the "Scheduled events" option you will also find the possibility to "Schedule event".