Choosing the languages in which you offer your services

It is important that in the configuration of your entry in the marketplace you add the language or languages in which you offer your services. This way you will give more information to people who are looking for a specific service in the marketplace, since they will be able to filter by the language in which they want to be attended.

Adding the languages for an entry in the marketplace is very simple.

Log in to TuCalendi with your username and password. Go to the "Booking pages" option:

Booking pages

To configure the marketplace entry, locate the booking page you want to publish in the marketplace and click on "Edit":

In the horizontal menu of the booking page, all the configuration options appear.

Click on "Marketplace":


In the "Language" field you must click on "Add" so that you can see all the available languages:


You only need to select the languages in which you offer your services so that your entry is displayed in the marketplace searches when users filter by a particular language:

Language list

You can choose up to five different languages

Languages must be added individually and will be displayed in the language field once they have been selected:

Languages added

Click on "Save" if you have not yet finished with the configuration of the marketplace entry and not to lose the changes you have made.

In case you already have all the information for the marketplace you must activate the entry:

Activate entry

Click on "Save and wait for approval" for our team to check the entry and activate your presence in the marketplace.

The approval of a new marketplace entry can take up to 24 hours after the request.